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[sticky post] Let's get it started with...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! Whoever you are reading this now.

I'm not good at beginnings. Introductions suck out all my will to write anything more in future. Let's just say it's not my first journal, most probably won't be the last. Nobody knows how long I'll stay here.
Yes, I am just as unfriendly as it seems, but it's only because I don't get the meanings between words. Maybe I simply don't want to learn, who knows? Either way. If you're here because of any tags, communities or whatever on my f-list - you're welcome to comment whatever catches your attention. If you assume we know eachother from some other place - you're welcome to ask. If you're sure we know eachother but I haven't added you yet - remind me of yourself. But if you add me without saying a word, chances are I won't even care to find out who you are, not to mention adding you.

Have a nice day!




I thought I could un-die this place. There are so many words flocking in my head I could get rid of by writing them down. Here. It would get so much clearer inside.

Nope. They all run away at the very sight of the post editor.

Oct. 31st, 2013

Hello, my Darling!
Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Good evening, dear Nobody who will read this (apart from my girlfriend)!

Loging on this site today I thought I'll eventually tell you something about the World of Guilty Pleasures. And trust me, I'm kind of an expert, knowing perfectly well what's objectively good and what most definitely isn't, but still liking strange things. I'm also a Master Procrastinator, that's why I'm writing to you why I won't write the entry I planned just now. That's also how i find all those strange things I can get obsessed with - trying to escape from other things I should watch (because, come on, there's so many episodes of this really good show, I should have seen it like, twice by now!) or read (classic classics, modern classics, all those Nobel-awarded masterpieces; and George R.R. Martin) or whatever everyone around me would like to see me doing. That's how it usually works, right? So many things to do/watch/read/listen to, everything just as great and important, yet so little free time. So let's make a detailed list of things to do/watch/read/listen to next while doing/watching/etc. something different, less intelectually engaging instead. And then here you are, reading last pages of a novel that shouldn't have been published in the first place. Or exploring the Underworld of obviously true conspiracy theories that totally make sense when you think about it for a bit too long. Or writing an entry about not writing an entry.

And here's the point where you need some conclusions. And I have none, sorry. Just enjoy the icon above, that's a man who doesn't waste a minute of his life, at least none in last few years.

fangirling our lives away

But isn't this PV totally awesome?
To me - it is. I've always loved crime stories. And PV's that don't just show the band but tell a story. And here I find almost perfect mix of both. Plus I really like the song, especially bass and acoustic guitar parts.
What I'm not sure is if I liked Hiro with those spiky blond hair, but if he wanted to try it, that's OK, he must have decided it wasn't good for him after all since he keeps his natural colour now.


Próbowałam dziś zapytać googli, gdzie kupić flagę Polski. Po samym wpisaniu "gdzie" dostałam propozycje następujące:
1. Gdzie jest dziecko?
2. gdzie expic margonem
3. Gdzie jest Nemo?
4. Gdzie są pieniądze? (sama chciałabym wiedzieć)

Po wpisaniu identycznego początku w okienko tytułu ja również zostałam spytana, gdzie mam konto. W paru miejscach, ale co to ma do rzeczy jeśli chodzi o flagę? Czy to sugestia, że cholerstwa są drogie?


You're never too old for dragons!

I was supposed to write a deep & meaningful entry about music, both good and bad, but then... I found this. And I'm in love. So - don't really count on my intellect right now, I'm just going to enjoy some cute dragons more ♥
huuuge dragonspamCollapse )

What's my point showing all this? Ummm... haven't thought about it? No, in fact, I have carefully (and with all the pleasure I could get) picked some dragons to show, how different they can be - how awesome the imagination of creators must be to come up with all these species! What I really like about the show is that every dragon species not only looks but also behaves different ways; sure, most of them were based on real animals, but starting with a cat and ending with a Night Fury - that's a long way to go.
Searching tumblr I found people complaining about how dragons' characters were so flat in the show compared to humans'. After three episodes I can't agree or disagree for sure, but I think giving every species of dragons their own behaviour pattern is pretty impressive. The creators know a lot about how people act, they have no trouble reflecting human thoughts in animation and even if they fail, people can always speak their minds. Animals can not. Yet - it's pretty easy to say what the dragons can think even though their movements are far from human's. The series' main flaw in that matter might be too much focus on Toothless compared to any other dragon, but, well

the voice of the audience might be a cause. Plus - how much character development can you put into a 20-something-minute episode still having time for an actual plot? And what the series focus on so far was how people of Berk get used to living with dragons not the other way around.

A little bonus if you're still with meCollapse )


and go watch it yourself.